Clean Your Camera Lenses Like a Pro

So you finally have a great camera and a good set of lenses to go with it. Now you are able to head out and take some incredible pictures. Well, you would be ready, except for the indisputable fact that you accidentally just smudged one of your lenses. Before you go to clean the lens, it is best to ask yourself whether or not you properly know how to clean your camera lenses. If your first instinct is to use your tee-shirt, then perhaps you should keep on reading and learn suitable cleaning protocol for your lenses.

Delkin sensor cleaning

The first thing you ought to know is that using certain materials to clean your camera lenses will only make things work. You may find that what began as basically a smudge on your lens has turned right into a scratch because you have utilised your shirt to try to clean it. The fact is that unless you use a special cloth designed for cleaning lenses, you run the risk of ruining it.

It is also crucial that you have the right SRL lens cleaning liquid. There are plenty of brands of lens cleaners on the market, and they all perform lovely well. However, you should try your best to find a lens cleaning liquid made specifically for camera lenses. If you wear glasses and are in a pinch, then the lens cleaner for your glasses should work fine, but it is not ideal.It is also important for you to clean your lenses periodically, at least once every couple of weeks. This not simply keeps residue from sticking to your lens, but it helps to keep you in a routine that allows you to run maintenance on your camera. You really should clean the lens periodically, even if it looks clean. You would be astonished at what your lens could be hiding.

It is a good idea to spend money on a can of lens duster. This is a great way to get dust off of your lens without having to constantly wipe it. On top of the convenience aspect, it can also help you save on lens cleaning liquid. Lens duster is also excellent for when you are out in the field and you get dust on your lens.
Of course there is no substitute for simply avoiding occasions that get your lenses dirty all together. If you try to avoid unnecessary situations that could get your lenses dirty, you will be able to prolong having to clean them. However, it is understandable that sometimes a messy lens is unavoidable.If you do not take proper care to lens cleaning, it’s possible you’ll find that it might be too late, and then you will have to shell out the extra hard cash to buy a whole new lens. It is far more worth it to take care of your lenses the first time around than to be sorry later.

DSLR Lenspens

We are also recommending you to consider a lenspen for your SLR lens cleaning, which we found incredibly effective.

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