Handcrafted Billingham Camera Bags for the Photography Lover

Billingham 107

Conceived, designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Billingham bags reflect an English preoccupation with excellence and consideration to detail.

What makes an incredible product? It’s surely a hands-on, family business that puts its customer’s needs first. That is certainly M. Billingham and Co and the knowledgeable people producing the Billingham camera bags with excellence in design and fascination to detail.

How do you know the Billingham bag is the photographer’s friend? Well, Martin Billingham is himself an accomplished photographer. And photographers around the globe demand their bags. They have been doing so since the very first Billingham photographic camera bag became the standard in 1978.

Curiosity to detail is a hallmark of the Billingham camera bag. You will want a long-lasting bag but that often comes at the price of hard and stiff fabrics that are uncomfortable to carry and handle, plus they can be abrasive. Well, Billingham chooses their canvas cautiously to prevent these problems. They even use a special test for abrasion resistance.

Billingham 335

When you would like a waterproof camera bag, that is Billingham!. They put their waterproof canvas through a torture check to assure you that everything you get is what you count on.

Sometimes, though, even their canvas can not handle tough moments. That is where Billingham shines, with their exclusive lightweight synthetic fabrics. When there is a particular need and a material can’t be found that meets their specifications, Billingham will design and commission their very own exclusive material.

With fantastic design and fine materials comes the Billingham guarantee. Nothing can be perfect, not even Billingham. And from time to time you can not know for some period of time and extended usage that there is a issue. That’s fine with Billingham!. There is no time limit so long as it is the original purchase.

The company even provides a repair service to take care of the normal wear and tear of years of use of their gorgeous camera bag. Again, that’s the pride Billingham has in the products they make for you.

Billingham Hadley or Billingham Packington bag range, pouches, pockets, accessories – it’s all there for you with historical Billingham quality.

Billingham L2 series

You could shop for their latest Billingham f/stop range at BestPhoto.co.uk; the UK’s user friendly price comparison web site.


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