London Wild Bird Watch exhibition is opening this weekend

Visit the website here

London Wild Bird Watch aims to create a unique blend of ‘Shop, Learn and Do’ for everyone who has an existing or growing interest in bird and wildlife watching. That includes elite birders to people who enjoy feeding birds in their garden.

April at WWT London Wetland Centre is a great time of year for spotting a wide variety of birds. Migrant waders are returning and summer breeding birds, such as sand martin, whitethroat and reed warbler will be arriving in force. Most birds will be settling down to claim their nest sites and territories in April resulting in a wealth of bird song, displaying and courtship rituals such as the elegant bonding display of lapwings. Look out for early chicks such as little and great crested grebe.

Visitor tickets for London Wild Bird Watch are discounted for RSPB members who may use the promotional code RSPBZ, readers of Amateur Photographer can also receive discounted entry by using the promotional code AP1.

All visitors, WWT members and non – members must pay for car parking.

I look forward to seeing you at London Wild Bird Watch

Chris James
Founder and Event Director


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